Tiger of the Snows Fund aims to transform the lives of outdoor tourism workers and their families through education. We are a 501(c)(3) not for profit based in the United States but working globally to provide access to education and promote empowerment, social equality, gender equality, economic prosperity, and development.

We work together with under-developed communities engaged in outdoor tourism to facilitate education and training. We work directly with the people we support to make sure they receive the assistance they need and money goes where it is most needed in the most efficient manner. We also have a local network of partners to help us navigate local systems to ensure efficacy and efficiency. Our partners bring strong backgrounds to our organization and are all familiar with the outdoor tourism industry and the educational need of local communities. Our goal is to help those most in need of assistance and provide opportunities where they otherwise wouldn’t be available. This helps communities and individuals realize their own potential and empower them to help themselves.

Our focus is both on primary education and continuing education. Primary education is a strong way to invest in the opportunities of future generations and continue education helps support the betterment of today’s generation and allow people to help themselves and their families. The main avenue for facilitating education is through grants, scholarships, and paid tuition.